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Infiray Outdoor T2 Pro Search Thermal Phone Camera (ANDROID)

Infiray Outdoor T2 Pro Search Thermal Phone Camera (ANDROID)

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  • Portable Outdoor Sports Thermal Imager
  • 13mm Long-Focus Lens
  • Thermal Detection Range of 1400+ yd
  • Images 40% Larger than T2-Search
  • 256 x 192 Resolution at up to 25 Hz
  • Night Vision and Observation Algorithms
  • 12μm Pixel Size


Boasting a 13mm long-focus lens, the outdoorsman's T2 Pro Thermal Imaging Camera from Xinfrared (formerly InfiRay) extends the thermal detection range of the T2-Search to more than 1400 yards and makes objects appear 40% larger. The lens' increased focal length also aids in outdoor, long-distance target identification by narrowing the camera's field of vision. The T2 Pro uses the Search's customized high-performance 12μm thermal imaging chip and dedicated night vision algorithms, combining the advantages of 256 x 192 high resolution with a range of color palettes for the observation of thermal targets at any time of day.

The USB-C connection draws minimal power from your phone, requiring no additional battery, and can be kept in standby mode while not in use. The T2 Pro requires the installation of a dedicated app available as a free download.

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