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Reese Outdoors Nomad Chest Pack

Reese Outdoors Nomad Chest Pack

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The Nomad Chest Pack was designed for the year round hunter.

The Nomad Chest Pack was designed for the year round hunter. Wether you are hunting deer, elk, antelope, predators, or even sheds in the spring, we wanted to offer a pack that fit every hunter’s needs.

The Nomad comes standard with two harnesses, one thin and the other wide and padded. Depending on your load, your harness needs may change. Both harnesses have binocular tethers that prevent your optics from falling out of the bag and hitting the ground. Each tether does have a clip that allows you unhook your binos from the harness for sharing or changing binos.

The Nomad Chest Pack features a quick release chest holster on the back side. There are two universal sized holsters, the smaller for semi auto pistols, the larger for revolvers. The bottom of holsters are Velcro sealed, this allows longer barrels or pistols with suppressors to be used.

The main compartment of the Nomad Pack measures 7 inches from top to bottom. It is 6 inches wide and 3 inches from front to back. The lid is secured with magnets and an additional buckle tether. The lid features two 2 inch stretch bands on top to help secure additional items like remotes for an e-caller, wind checkers, gps units, etc. The Nomad Pack comes standard with an adjustable paracord tether that is made for the lid storage. Additionally, there are 5 D-rings attached to the main compartment of the pack. These are used to help anchor items you choose to add.

There is a small pocket in front of the main compartment. This can be used to store your I.D., license, or other small items.

The Nomad Pack is modular and can accept accessories like our hand warmer, side gps/radio bag, or even our side AR15 mag/bottle bag.

Because the Nomad Pack does have strong magnets, we do not recommend if you have a Pace Maker or other health assisted device that may be affected.

Warning: This product may contain strong magnets. Do not use if you have a Pace Maker or similar device.

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