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InfiRay Outdoor Rico Hybrid 50 640 Thermal Scope

InfiRay Outdoor Rico Hybrid 50 640 Thermal Scope

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The RICO HYBRID fuses the capabilities of a thermal clip-on and a thermal weapon sight to create a new breed of thermal device. This new HYBRID breed gives you never-before-seen versatility and performance boasting a 2,400 yard detection range as a dedicated thermal sight or an inline clip-on sight with day optics up to 10X.  The combination of the HYBRID’s low-distortion orthoscopic eyepiece paired with a 1.03” 2560x1920 UHD display allows for an extra large sight picture with edge to edge clarity. The HYBRID’s extra large sight picture is comfortable viewing as a dedicated sight, and still maintains the pixel density and resolution for use as a clip-on optic. The HYBRID also unlocks advanced new features such as compatibility with a 2,000 yard laser rangefinder, a custom reticle generator, bluetooth, and an onboard ballistic solver.

Ballistic Solver

The HYH50W supports ballistic calculation via a user-uploaded .xlsx file. Calculate your ballistics with your prefered software, then export and upload your trejectory in 5 meter increments. Once you have a balistic profile loaded, plug in the ILR-2000 laser rangefinder and the HYBRID can calculate your drop and display a second reticle in split second. 

Objective Focal Length • 50mm
Detection Range • 2400 Yards
Optical Magnification • 3X
Digital Magnification • 8X, stepped
Focusing Mechanism • Manual Focus
Display Type • AMOLED



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