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Iray Bolt TX60C Thermal Rifle Scope

Iray Bolt TX60C Thermal Rifle Scope

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Iray Bolt TX60C 

Bolt Action Optimized Thermal Rifle Scope

The Iray Bolt TX60C offers a native 3× magnification and digital zoom up to 16×, powered by a high-resolution 1024×1024 InfiRay Micro II thermal sensor, making it ideal for predator hunting and long-range shots. With a sensitivity rating of ≤18mK and a fast f/1.0 germanium objective lens, this device delivers exceptional precision and detail. Its round 2560×2560 AMOLED display and 30mm body design, paired with the included cantilever mount or standard scope rings, make mounting easy. By wirelessly connecting to the ILR-1200-1 Laser Range finding module, the TX60C can display real-time ranges and even calculate a customized firing solution using projectile data and the onboard ballistics calculator.



  • 12 μm iRay Micro II thermal sensor
  • ≤18 mK sensitivity
  • 1.03-inch large-format AMOLED display with ultra-high 
    2560×2560 resolution
  • High frame frequency: 50hz
  • T-6061 aluminum housing
  • 2700-yard detection range
  • Dual power supply solution for extended operation
  • Compatible with ILR-1200-1 Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder 
    Module (optional/not included)
  • Four ballistics profiles and a user-defined, multi-variable 
    ballistics calculator
  • 16.0× stepped digital zoom
  • Multiple zero profiles and ranges
  • Traditional 30 mm diameter housing design
  • Built-in 128 GB storage to support image capture and 
    video recording
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Mobile device App compatible
  • Built-in digital compass and gravity sensor
  • Multiple reticle types and color options
  • Ultra-Clear mode for advanced image detail
  • Picture in Picture (PIP)
  • Defective pixel correction
  • Extended eye relief
  • Cold and warm image hue options
  • User-friendly interface

Tech Specs

Resolution 1024 x 1024
Pixel Size 12 μm
Frame Rate 50hz
Sensor Sensitivity   ≤18 mK
Image Processing MATRIX III
Core  InfiRay Micro II 1024 
Objective Lens 60 mm f/1.0
Magnification 3.0x
Digital Zoom 16x, Stepped
FOV  11.7° × 11.7°
Detection Range 2700 Yards
Display Resolution 2560 x 2560
Power Supply USB-C External, Built-In Battery Pack (8+ Hours),
 18650 Battery (3.5+ Hours)
Size 15.12” × 4.09” × 3.03”
Weight 35.27 oz
Warranty 5 years
Operation Temp -4°F ~122°F
Max recoil 1000 g/s² (300 Win./7mm Mag)


The Iray Bolt TX60C rifle scope comes equipped with all necessary components for a successful hunting experience. 

  • BOLT TX60C Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
  • Objective Lens Cap
  • Eyeguard
  • IRAY-AC112 30 mm One-Piece Scope Mount
  • 18650 Battery ×2
  • Battery Charger
  • USB-C Cable for Data/Video
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Lens Cloth
  • Soft Case
  • User Manual

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