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New Guide Sense TU651 LRF Laser Range Finder

New Guide Sense TU651 LRF Laser Range Finder

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Guide Sense TU651 LRF - New 2024

Introducing Guide Sense TU651 LRF, the latest in cutting-edge optics technology. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates a laser rangefinder, allowing for precise target detection up to 1,500 meters. With extended battery life, hunters can rely on accurate distance perception to make precise shots at the hunting site. Experience a 20% increase in battery duration.

Guide TU LRF Series Thermal Scopes

The Guide Sense TU651 LRF series is equipped with a highly sensitive 12μm thermal sensor and a 1440×1080 HD AMOLED display. Alongside the advanced PureIR image algorithm, this combination offers users a more vibrant and detailed visual experience. Careful optimization in the design process has also enhanced the user-friendly operation, while extending the battery life by 20%. With a slim-design scope and integrated laser rangefinder, the Guide Sense TU651 LRF series enables accurate detection of targets up to 1500 meters, providing hunters with a reliable perception of distance for precise shooting.

High Definition Thermal Sensor

High-quality thermal imaging with 400×300 @ 12μm or 640×480@12μm resolution with clear distinctions allows for improved recognition of animals, their body parts, and even minute elements such as branches, leaves, grass, and the landscape.

1440×1080 AMOLED Display

The thermal image's heat signature can be displayed using the picture-in-picture (PIP) feature, greatly improving the observation experience.

PureIR Adaptive Dynamic Filtering Algorithm (PureIR)

The PureIR feature is included in all Guide Sense TU651 LRF thermal scopes. This innovative system combines advanced 3DNR and PureIR adaptive filtering algorithms to produce highly precise and clear thermal images, enhancing image accuracy and detail even at long distances.

Guide TU m Key Features

  • HD AMOLED display for higher image quality and reduced visual fatigue
  • Built-in laser rangefinder for 1000m or 1500m accurate target detection
  • The PureIR algorithm for high-sensitivity thermal images
  • Super long battery life of up to 12 hours
  • OTA firmware upgrade by connecting to the APP
  • Photo and video recording to keep the best moments
  • IP67 encapsulation, resistant to 800G shock
  • User-friendly improved left-hand operation experience and optimized opening direction of USB cover

Guide TU  LRF Applications

  • Night hunting
  • Law enforcement
  • Search & Rescue
  • Personal security

What’s Included with the Guide TU m LRF

  • Thermal Imaging Scope
  • Lens cap
  • Eye mask
  • 5V2A adapter (US, UK, AU, and EU)
  • Desktop charger
  • Customised battery x 2
  • Extended clip x 2
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Micro HDMI cable
  • Quick start guide

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