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Preorder - FoxPro X360 Summer Arrival

Preorder - FoxPro X360 Summer Arrival

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NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT-if you choose not to purchase the caller you can use the deposit on any other items in the store but we will not be able to refund.


Dominate the field with the new Advanced 360 Sound. The sounds travel in random motion between speakers,
at random volumes, and with an adjustable speed. This feature creates a realism that is on a whole new level of calling!

 PLEASE CALL Ronda to put a PREORDER on this item, or get your name on the list! 815-716-0694

• Full Color remote display

• 2 external speaker jack
• Aux jack, charge jack
• USB reprogrammable

• 4 custom preset buttons
• 2 user programmable buttons

• Elastomeric remote keypad
• Weight scale


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