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**Pick Up Only** Sporter SP33 Putty Gray Gun Safe

**Pick Up Only** Sporter SP33 Putty Gray Gun Safe

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When you have invested a large amount of money into your gun collection, you will want to make sure you protect your investment with a gun safe that is made by one of the best names in the firearm industry. The Browning SP33 Putty Gray Sporter Gun Safe is a fantastic choice because it has all of the great features that you could want to store your most valuable collections. Not only does the safe protect your guns from theft but it also helps to ensure that children or other unauthorized people can gain access to them. Another threat to your gun collection is the potential of a fire.  This exceptional safe comes with a dual fire rating 80 minutes at 1550 degrees F and 95 minutes at 1200 degrees F to help ensure your firearms aren’t damaged from a fire hazard.

One of the features of the Browning SP33 Putty Gray Sporter Gun Safe is the Thermablock fire protection, which is an industry-leading technology. Browning uses thicker steel and eliminates the air pockets that can cause temperatures to skyrocket. Also this safe features a raised floor so you can get guns out more easily. The SP33 Putty Gray is made with thick steel is meant to provide the very best in security and fire protection. The three 1" bolts are made of the highest grade metals and provides three-sided door protection and there are hinges that swing out a full 180 degrees so you can access all areas with ease. Not only does it have all those great features but the SP33 comes with a lifetime warranty so if your safe is ever involved with an attempted break-in or fire, Browning will replace the safe if your homeowner's insurance won't.

Firearms are an investment that can continue to grow over the years. Investing in a high-quality safe is one of the best things you can do to protect your investment, be sure to keep your collection secured with the Browning SP33 Putty Gray Sporter Gun Safe.

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