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Auto Trickler V4

Auto Trickler V4

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AutoTrickler V4 is a clean slate redesign. Starting with the idea of a single assembly without needing manual adjustments, we looked at every part, every feature, every detail, and built exactly what the AutoTrickler should be.

  • Works with fine ball powders like CFE223 and H335
  • Works with large kernel powders like N570 and H50BMG
  • Maximum flow rate ~50 GN/s for large caliber rifle
  • Integrated electronics and motors with fixed cabling
  • Acrylic panel and silicone pads ensure assembly is stable, quiet, and level
  • All commonly replaced wear parts from previous versions no longer exist
  • Potential for performance improvements through app updates
  • Integrates with standard A&D FX or FZ 120i, 200i, 300i, or 500i
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