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Integrate distance measuring into your shooting system with the DiMA1000 laser rangefinder. This sleek and compact rangefinder mounts to any picatinny rail accessory slot via included 30mm ring and offers finger-tip-quick laser measurements to over 1000 yards on an easy-to-read OLED screen with minimal disruption to shooting position. This is the fastest and most seamless way to gain fundamental information before a shot.image

The DiMA1000 is also compatible with ID Technology which allows connectivity and displaying of information on a heads-up display screen in our L.E.O. 1-8x24 Rifle Scope, if you choose to use one.

The DiMA1000 (Distance Measuring Apparatus) is easily zeroed to the optic of your choice. This is facilitated by the VLP (Visible Laser Pointer) incorporated into the unit. Simply activate the VLP and adjust the bright red dot to be parallel with your point of aim. This simple parallel adjustment is called a constant offset and can be done indoors or outdoors depending on conditions. Adjustments are made by the rangefinder's built-in coin adjustments, and a locking set screw ensures no movement under recoil when sight-in is complete. Sighting in the DiMA1000 using a constant offset ensures that range measurements will be accurate at extended distances.

The small footprint of the DiMA1000 is hardly noticed when transporting or carrying your firearm. What is greatly noticed is the lack of a strap holding a rangefinder around your neck, constantly interfering with your binocular, backpack straps, jacket collars and zippers or requiring your constant attention getting it into and out of pockets or pouches. No longer will you waste critical seconds lasing game or targets while fussing with your dangling rangefinder. No longer must you get off the gun and transition to a LRF and back again, wasting time and introducing stress. With the DiMA1000 integrated into your shooting system, every opportunity to save time can be taken to rapidly achieve the fastest shooting solution and pull the trigger.

The DiMA1000 stands out on your shooting system but blends with your optic and how you use your gun. It weighs just over 7 ounces with a single CR123 battery that powers the LRF for up to 2000 ranging activations. The quick-change battery cap typifies the quality and attention to detail incorporated into this attractive black unit and it has a satisfying feel in your hand. It can also be used handheld. It is fog proof, waterproof with IP66 rating, and is shockproof against recoil.

The DiMA is ideal for varmint hunters who need to shoot at unknown distances quickly. Pig hunters get accurate distance readings instantly in varied and hard-to read environments where hogs may offer a shot while you may otherwise be fumbling with the rangefinder around your neck. The DiMA1000 is the ultimate accessory for long range plinking with cartridges with rainbow trajectories like the .22 LR, where a slight miscalculation of range means a certain miss.

The visible laser pointer may be activated via remote switch allowing the VLP to act as a CQB aiming device on charging swine or other dangerous beasts.

The DiMA1000 laser rangefinder incorporates uninterrupted distance knowledge into your firearm system with minimal disruption to your shooting position, allowing the operator to shoot more quickly, calmly, and accurately.

Expect amazing innovation from your friends at TRYBE Optics. JOIN. THE. TRYBE.

Specifications for TRYBE Optics DiMA1000 Laser Rangefinder:

Manufacturer: TRYBE Optics
Maximum Range: 1000 yds
Condition: New
Weight: 8 oz
Length: 6 in
Color: Black
Minimum Range: 3 yds
Width: 1.8 in
Battery Type: Lithium, CR123
Wavelength: 905 nm
Fabric/Material: Silicone

Features of TRYBE Optics DiMA1000 Laser Rangefinder

  • 1000 Meter (1093 yard) Ranging Capability
  • Power/Life CR123 - 2,000 shots
  • Display (Diagonal) 0.75 in / 19 mm
  • Environmental IP66
  • Adjustable Turrets, up to +/-30 MOA
  • Locking Turrets
  • Assembly Waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-proof