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Rix Aurora Series Thermal Monocular

Rix Aurora Series Thermal Monocular

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More Comfortable Viewing Experience

Unlike thermal imaging binoculars with two eyepiece displays, the AURORA series is the first large, single-screen thermal imaging binocular on the market. With a 2.69-inch display screen and 2.5x eyepiece, AURORA users will experience less eye fatigue and no symptoms of dizziness or nausea even after prolonged observation.

High-definition & Clearly Visible Target

The AURORA A3 is equipped with a 384×288 resolution sensor and a large aperture f35/F1.0 infrared lens, which provides extraordinary clarity and detail.
Meanwhile, the A6R is equipped with 640×512 detectors and a 50mm lens, providing a high-definition observation experience. Therefor the AURORA series always grants users higher-quality, more detailed, and higher-contrast images, even in rain or fog.

Built-in precise laser rangefinder

The AURORA A6R has a built-in laser ranging module that measures the range up to 1300m (approximately 1421.7yds), achieving high-precision of ±1 meters (1.09 yards) for a quick, error-free assessment of the situation.


Photo & Audio & Video Playback

The AURORA series can record and playback all your wonderful moments with well-designed software and built in 32G of storage. Using WiFi to connect with your smartphone via the app, you can control the digital device functions on your AURORA and transmit real-time images and videos.




Sensor Specifications Type Uncooled Vox
Resolution, pixels 384×288 640x512
Pixel Pitch, µm 12
NETD, mk <50 <40
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Optical Specifications Objective Lens, mm 35mm; F1.0 50mm; F1.1
Optical zoom, x 4 to 16 3.4 to 13.6
Digital Zoom, x 1 to 4
Eye Relief, mm 30
Detection Range, m/yd 1800m/1968yd 2600m/2844yd
Display Specifications Type OLED
Resolution, pixels 768×576
Size, inch 2.69
Laser Rangefinding Safety Requirement - Class 1 (IEC:60825-1)
Laser Wavelength, nm - 900 to 908
Measurement Range, m/yd - 5 to 1200m/5.5 to 1312yd
Measurement Accuracy, m/yd - ±1m/±1.09yd
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi / APP Support (RIX+)
Video Recorder Video Recorder Support
Memory Capacity, GB 32
Physical Specifications Operating Temperature, °F -4 to +122
Weight, lb 1.9 2
Size, inch 7.9×5.9×2.4
Connections and Compatibilities Battery Type Built-in Battery: Lithium-ion battery pack 3800mAh / DC3.7V
External Battery: AA batteries ×8
Operating Time, h 8 (only built-in battery) 24 (built-in and external batteries)   8 (only built-in battery) 20 (built-in and external batteries)  
Service Voltage, V 3V to 4.2V
External Power Supply, V 5V (Type-C USB)
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