Pulsar Krypton Thermal Front Attachment FXG50 #PL76655K

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The KRYPTON FXG50 offers the sharpest image quality while retaining the accuracy of the daytime scope. Suitable for various optics with a wide range of magnifications, the Krypton FXG is an incredible thermal upgrade, turning day riflescopes into powerful thermal scopes. The Krypton kit includes the Krypton Hard Case, Thermal Imaging Front Attachment, PSP-V Rail Adapter, PSP-42 Ring Adapter, and PSP-50 Ring Adapter 

Don't let the setting sun stop your stop your outdoor activities. Get your Krypton FXG50 kit today! 

The Krypton fXG50 thermal imaging module attaches to spotting scopes and binoculars using a special PSP adapter, turning them into a thermal imaging observation device. On one end, the adapter is attached to the Krypton through a secure threaded joint, while the other end is mounted on the lens barrel of the daytime optics. The Krypton Quick Release Adapter can be removed from the daytime optics and reinstalled in seconds. The precise positioning mechanism allows perfect alignment of the thermal or night image in the daylight optics field of view to provide maximum viewing comfort. An important feature, the adapter can be mounted on the Krypton XG50 thermal imaging module even when being used with the Pulsar 5x30B monocular.

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